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Student Management & Leadership

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Our Department
Head of Department Mr Chua Wee Nam
Subject Head Mr Chan Jianhua
 Members Mdm Chua Siu Git
   Mdm Ng Li Za
 Mr Ameer 
 Mdm Ong HT Cindy 

Our Vision

To instill in each student Self-Discipline.

Our Key Programmes

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Monitors Training by Student Leaders from St Theresa’s Convent 

2019 Prefect EXCO.png

Student Prefect EXCO

Student Leadership

In RMPS, we believe that every student is able to lead, given the right guidance and environment.

At the foundational level, every student is guided through self-management skills during the Character Workshops, which are carried out at the start of every term. These sessions serves to instil core values and build competencies to help students to lead self and peers.

Students holding certain leadership roles (e.g. Prefects, Monitors, ICT Monitors) are also provided with additional Just-In-Time or On-The-Job training to help them understand their role and carry out their responsibilities as a student leader.

 Student voice.png

Students queuing up to exercise their vote for the Head Prefect.

Student Voice

As they grow up, we want our students not only to be confident communicators but also to teach them to do so responsibly and respectfully. Learning to participate by airing their views helps students to put down roots in their school and community. Being heard is one thing; having someone to listen to your voice and then do something about what you have suggested is something else entirely. At RMPS, we empower our students to speak up and we listen to what they say. 

From students choosing their Head Prefect, to hearing how they would like spaces reimagined and repurposed, from providing their feedback to school-based activities to responding to topics on our Current Affairs Wall, students have a wide range of platforms to air their views. Student voice is not just heard but taken into consideration when we plan for new activities. Students also play a part in the actual planning and execution of events such as Teachers’ Day.

Student Ambassadors.jpg

Student Ambassadors showing pre-schoolers around Radin Mas Primary during a school visit.

RMPS Ambassador Programme

The RMPS Ambassadors Programme was conceptualised and set up in 2018 as a second Tier One Leadership Position with the purpose of developing a group of students to promote the long heritage of Radin Mas Primary School as well as our in-house Radin Mas Experience through tours of the school, its Heritage Corner as well as the hosting of various school events. 

Through this programme, we aspire to raise a group of confident and articulate student leaders who will be ambassadors of the school and who will play a key role in raising the overall school affect.