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Our Department Photo

(From left to right)

Row 1: Ms Ong Siew Choo, Mr Kenny Chong, Mr Vinod Nair, Mr Lim Yong Ming, Mdm Juliana Choy

Row 2: Mdm Thai Yu Shan, Mrs Goh Hean Mei, Mrs Cindy Ten, Ms Joyce Tan

Absent with apologies: Mdm Soh Xinyi

Our Department
Head of DepartmentMdm Chan Hean Mei
Level Head Mdm Soh Xinyi
 Senior Teacher Ms Ong Siew Choo
 Members Mdm Han Qiuyan Cindy
  Mdm Choy Mingzi Juliana
  Miss Tan HE Joyce
  Mdm Thai Yu Shan
  Mr Lim Yong Ming
  Mr Chong TC Kenny
  Miss Sharon Tai SY

Our Vision

An Inquirer with a passion for Science.

Our Mission

● To develop students with an inquiring mind
● To make the learning of Science fun, meaningful and relevant
● To equip students with scientific knowledge and skills

Our 3 Key Programmes

Science Centre Enrichment

Students visit the Science Centre for enrichment workshops which complement the Science curriculum. One of the workshops include Upper Primary students learning how to catch various organisms in a pond and leaf litter community, observing them under a microscope before releasing them back to nature.

Fun With Learning Day 

Students engage in integrated and hands-on learning to address a problem scenario by applying Math and Science knowledge. Written reflections and presentations on what they have learnt through the activity is carried out in English and Mother Tongue. To promote environmental awareness, students are encouraged to make use of recycled material in building their product.

Environmental Conservation Week

Every year, the Science Department organizes Environmental Conservation Week in conjunction with Earth Week. Students participate in recess exhibitions, an assembly programme on conservation and library quizzes. Our school also participates in the worldwide Earth Hour movement annually.

Additionally, this year we took part in two campaigns on water and energy conservation by NUS and PUB.