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RMPS Total Curriculum Framework: RMPS Experiences

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In Radin Mas, we pride ourselves in our RMPS Experiences. These are a set of carefully curated programmes and activities that are aimed to develop each child holistically, equipping him or her with the competencies for the future. These programmmes are aimed at shaping the student’s cognitive growth or head knowledge and this can be seen, among others in our quality teaching and learning, CCAs, Applied Learning Programme or ALP in Computational Thinking with Design Thinking.  Beyond shaping head knowledge, we are also committed into strengthening the student’s heart through our character and values programme. A key aspect of this is seen in the school’s embodiment of Positive Education as a part of our student well-being framework. Another key programme to strengthen the heart is in our Learning for Life programme or LLP in Growth Mindset. Resilience. Integrity. Teamwork (G.R.I.T) where students’ resilience, confidence and grit are shaped through the six level camps, Mini Olympics, Olympics Fest and PAL programmes. Finally, we urged our students to give back and to see themselves as assets to their class, school, family and community. Thus, the final aspect will be the hands component, which encourages enactment, application and advocacy and these can be seen in our Multi-Disciplinary Project Work, Service Learning, Making a Mark and also our Student Voices and Agencies endeavors. Therefore, this total curriculum framework undergirds the school’s belief in the importance of holistic education and in shaping our students as lifelong learners.