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Physical Education

Our 3 Key Programmes

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Olympics Festival

The Olympic Festival is one of our signature events to encourage our P3-6 students to push themselves by participating in friendly competitive sports and games.

As many as 13 athletic events with a focus on speed, agility, endurance and power will be organised for them. By participating in these events and sports, our students are challenged to try their best, communicate well with their team and teachers as well as display the right sportsmanship, Olympics and school values.

It also provides opportunities for class bonding as all P3-6 students get to participate in inter-class competitions across the levels and promotes the importance of regular exercise and participation in sports and games as part of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Mini Olympics.JPGMini Olympics

As part of the Children’s Day Celebrations, our P1-2 students will be participating in the annual Lower Primary Sports Day inter-class games. The games have been designed to ensure that our students are able to showcase their abilities in executing the fundamental skills that they have acquired through their P.E. lessons.

Similar to the Olympic Festival, our lower primary students will be challenged to give their best, exhibit the values of Friendship, Respect and Teamwork with their classmates and teachers, and display sportsmanship and the spirit of the Olympics. 

Our P1-2 students and teachers will look forward to this annual event that is filled with joy and excitement. They will train very hard under the guidance of their P.E. teachers in order to work as a team and do their level best to bring glory to their class. 

P6 Archery Sports Education Programme (SEP).jpgP4 & P6 Sports Education Programmes (SEP) 

The school has planned Sports Education Programmes (SEP) for the P4 and P6 students. The SEP aim to advocate the importance of sports education, encourage sports participation in schools and allow our students to gain exposure to alternative forms of physical activities and sports. This is in line with the school’s objectives of increasing sporting opportunities for our students and encouraging them to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. Our P4 students will learn the basics of playing Tchoukball during their Physical Education (PE) lessons in Term 3 whereas our P6 students will be introduced to Archery in the middle of November as part of their post-PSLE experience.

RMPS Challenge 2020

  • A chance to work together as a class
  • A chance to set a record as a class
  • Inculcate our school values through physical activities
  • Foster camaraderie while pupils train, compete and cheer each other on as a class
  • Develop growth mindset, resilience, integrity, teamwork (G.R.I.T.) and sportsmanship as pupils strive for excellence in a competitive setting
  • Promote regular participation in health-enhancing physical activities.

RMPS Skipping Challenge 2020
The RMPS PE Department conducted our inaugural RMPS Skipping Challenge 2020 from 30 Sep to 6 Oct for our P3 and P5 students.


Primary 3
1st – 3R (average 241.2 skips)
2nd – 3D (average 198.8 skips)

Primary 5
1st – 5M (average 255.5 skips)
2nd – 5D (average 248.6 skips)