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P3 Modular CCAs

As part of a holistic education, our P3 students get to participate in Modular CCAs in Semester 1. The objectives of Modular CCAs are to provide our students with further exposure in sports, performing arts and visual arts lessons and also to serve as a platform for them to discover their interests and talent in ‘alternative CCAs’ not offered by the school.

Our P3 students are divided into 3 groups (of about 80 students per group). Each group will attend 4 consecutive sessions for each of the three modular CCAs on a rotational basis.

P3 Floorball Modular CCA cropped.jpg
P3 Show Choir Modular CCA.jpg
P3 Manga Drawing Modular CCA.jpg
Group A – Floorball
(4 sessions)
Group B – Show Choir
(4 sessions)
Group C – Manga Drawing
(4 sessions)

Each group will rotate until all students have completed 12 sessions.

Our Teacher(s) in charge:

Mrs Tan Khim Yong
Mrs Lim-Lee Pik Khuen
Mrs Mano
Mdm Koh Poh Choo
Mrs Anba
Mdm Mumtaz
Miss Sharon Tai