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Infocomm Technology


The Infocomm Technology Club is a dynamic modular-based CCA which equips its members with skills in animation, AV media, game-making and cyber wellness modules in their 4-year CCA journey. Through engaging students in animation, AV media, cyber wellness and game-making, the club strives to train and develop students to be passionate and creative in their work, as well as equipping them with 21st century competencies and ICT skills.

Game-making motivates students to learn the topic in depth and encourages self-directed learning in order to create the games for their academic subjects. Students learn how to use 3D design software to design prototypes applying design thinking processes.

Student-initiated cyber wellness activities are designed and crafted by students themselves and are used for the school’s annual Cyber Wellness Day. Presenting to their peers and advocating cyber wellness values boost their self-esteem and hone their presentation skills.

Animation empowers students with the necessary skills that are vital to producing animation clips that convey powerful messages. AV media equip students with necessary skills to handle AV systems and equipment during stage shows and events.

The four modules value-add and train the Infocomm Technology Club members to be competent in 21st century ICT skills.

Infocom Club 1.jpg
Building mBot
Robotics Arm.jpg
Connecting sensors to robotic arm
Infocom Club 3.jpg
Cyberwellness recess activities

Our Teacher(s) in charge:

  • Mdm Thai Yu Shan
  • Mdm Cindy Tan
  • Mdm Wu Chun
  • Miss Stella Zhang Wenxin 

Our CCA schedule:

  • Every Monday, 2.15 pm - 4.15pm