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Chinese Dance


Radin Mas Primary School Chinese Dance troupe is a committed dance group with approximately 40 female members. The school aims to promote a better understanding and appreciation for the Chinese Arts through a distinct blend of traditional and contemporary dance techniques. Led by the talented dance choreographer, Mr Bai Yingwen, the dance troupe continues to aim high and work hard to improve their abilities and character.

Each year, during the CCA Fair, we welcome an intake of promising P3 dancers, allowing for the growth in strength and numbers of the CCA. Every year, the troupe will perform during the Chinese New Year Celebration and Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration. The troupe also participates in external performances, such as the Radin Mas National Day Dinner and the Singapore Youth Festival.

Chinese Dance 1.jpg
Chinese New Year Celebration (2018)
Chinese Dance 2.jpg
Singapore Youth Festival (2018) Arts Presentation For Dance
Chinese Dance 3.jpg
Singapore Youth Festival (2018) Arts Presentation For Dance

Our Teacher(s) in charge:

  • Mdm Pang Mui Lee
  • Mdm Sun Yan
  • Mdm Junie Ang

Our CCA schedule:

  • Every Monday, 2.15 pm - 4.15pm