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Boy's Brigade


The Boys’ Brigade is an international movement with companies in more than 60 territories. Founded by Sir William Alexander Smith in 1883. The Boys’ Brigade is the pioneer of uniformed youth organisations. It aims to be the organisation of choice for the youths.

At Radin Mas Primary School, 8J Company of The Boys’ Brigade has reached its eighteenth year. It continues to provide activities that are fun, meaningful and challenging. It seeks to build members in the habits of discipline, self-respect, grooming and teamwork. These are accomplished in the structure of uniform, badges and drill. As they progressively show ability to lead and guide the junior members, they will be trained as leaders to assist teachers in managing younger boys through leading by example and positive peer influence. As members of The Boys’ Brigade, the boys will be embarking on an adventure that builds skills and character for the 21st century.

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Our Teacher(s) in charge:

  • Miss Chan May Ling
  • Mdm Ivy Chan
  • Mdm Wu Zexin

Our CCA schedule:

  • Every Monday, 2.15 pm - 4.15pm