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Our 3 Key Programmes

P4 Museum-based Learning.jpg
P4 Art/NE/SS Museum-based Learning

The P4 Art/NE/SS Museum-based Learning (MBL) experience is designed to provide the breadth and depth of learning local art as part of all Primary 4 students’ core learning experience in the art curriculum.

The museum, being a custodian of culture & heritage, presents an authentic context for the learning of local art as part of students’ understanding of Singapore’s heritage. The whole learning experience comprises a pre-visit lesson in class, the actual learning journey to the National Gallery of Singapore followed by a post-visit lesson in school where students get to express and showcase their art experience.

The visit to the museum also presents our students with the opportunity to learn about what an art museum is, the history of its architecture, the museum etiquette and the roles of the various personnel taking care of the museum. Students also get to demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills to build positive relationships with their classmates and teachers.

Arts Fest 2019.jpgArts Fest

Our highly anticipated Arts Fest  brought many eye-opening performances and exciting experiences to Radin Mas. This annual event creates the opportunities for students to come together to make a mark – to make art, make music, make memories. This inclusive platform is for all students and teachers to immerse in the arts, to experience the joy of expression through various art forms and for students to showcase talent and passion for the arts.

The highlights of the Arts Fest were Community Art Making, Art Making Stations, Music Instruments Showcase, RMPS Got Talent, Dance Experience, Drama Engagement, Book Character Role Play. Many student-facilitators were involved to engage the school throughout that week.

Through this annual Aesthetics Week, our students will:
  • gain more awareness on the various arts forms, and wider exposure to various art mediums;
  • acquire interest and zest to express in words, gestures, actions, on top of their music & art curriculum;
  • build confidence to share with others (through performances or activities) and bring together a vibrant arts culture in the school.

Digital Art & eMusic.jpgDigital Art & eMusic
In this digital age, it is essential to equip our students with relevant information technological experiences. The Digital Art and eMusic workshops provide a digital platform for students to learn art & music using ICT applications enhancing the Arts appreciation.

Digital Art
Students explore various designing and imagine-making tools on digital platform to create image and design through a digital platform. This skill can be transferable to other disciplines and students get to apply what they have learnt in Digital Art workshop into their e.g. MDPW projects/CCA/presentation.

Students learn how different instrumental groups function in an ensemble and pick up playing techniques of the various instruments in the Garageband app in iPads. Students gain some repertoires whereby they can perform as a digital ensemble in groups.