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Mother Tongue

Our Department Photo


Our Department
Head of DepartmentMdm Lee Sau Wai
Level Head CLMdm Lau Wai Ping
 Lead Teacher (CL) Mr Anthony Yew CC
 Senior Teacher (CL)Mdm Annie Tang  LM
 Members Mr Liao Donglin
  Mdm Wu Chun 
Mdm Hou Lin
  Mdm Sun Yan
  Ms Fion Hong Li Ying
  Mdm Chen Qi
  Mrs Jayakumar
  Mrs Anba 
  Mdm Poh Chiew Hui
  Mdm Nur'ain Saiman
  Miss Nurhanis
 Mdm Ariyanti Sukaimi 
  Mrs Tan Khim Yong
  Mrs Vellasamy
  Ms Ng Sor Lan

Our Vision

Every student an engaged and effective communicator of the Mother Tongue language.

Our Mission

● To develop students’ linguistic abilities through the joy of learning Mother Tongue languages.
● To nurture students’ appreciation of the beauty of their traditions and culture.

Our Key Programmes

Cultural Camp

Awesome Chinese Painting on the fans!

Cultural Camp is organised annually to enrich Primary 3 students’ learning of their Mother Tongue language and appreciation of their culture.
Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight

It’s exciting to learn about the history of Batik and the equipment used to produce the motifs. Look at my beautiful creation!

MTL Fortnight activities aim at nurturing students to be proficient users of the Mother Tongue languages and enrich their learning in school. 
Lower Primary Experiential Learning

Let’s go shopping!

This programme aims to create an authentic learning environment to make learning of Mother Tongue Languages come alive. Students acquire oral communication skills through fun and engaging authentic activity conducted during lessons.