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Our Department
Head of DepartmentMdm Celina Leng SW
 Level HeadMs See Rui Si 
Senior Teacher Mdm Leow Chay Huan 
 MembersMdm Evelyn Yeo SY  
 Miss Lydia Chin CH
 Mdm Faizah Mad Atar 
 Mdm Tan Pei Shi Sandy
  Mdm Cindy Tan LL
 Mdm Mumtaz Mohd Maideen 
 Mdm Ivy Chan YM
 Mr Ang Ming Huat
 Mdm Diana Yeung 
  Mrs Tan Eng Leong
 Mdm Koh Poh Choo
  Mrs Hum Siew Kiat 
 Mrs Yew Poh Kwong
 Mdm Karen Yow 

Our Vision

An Effective, Creative and Innovative Mathematics Problem Solver.

Our Mission

● To provide structured opportunities for students to acquire mathematical concepts and skills for application in real-life scenarios. 
● To develop students’ critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, communication, application and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem solving.
● To provide authentic learning experiences to help students to build confidence and interest in Mathematics.

Our Key Programmes

Let me see what are the items that I like and how much money I have left after the redemption. 

Money Sense 
Money Sense is a programme for the Primary 1 and 2 students to introduce the topic on money in an authentic setting and help them to develop positive attitude and interest towards the learning of Mathematics. 

The students are given a reward booklets where they will be rewarded with stamps of different denomination of money upon completion of tasks based on the given rubric. 

At the end of each semester, the students redeem gifts at the redemption booth based on the amount collected. As students go through this programme, they learn to manage the money collected and make sound decisions in the process of selecting the gifts that they want to redeem.

Oh dear he is leading, let’s count how many steps he is ahead of us. 

Math Alive
Math Alive aims to provide opportunities for the students to apply the mathematical concepts and skills that they have learnt to real-life scenarios using manipulative, legos, baking equipment, measuring tape, etc.

With these learning experiences, students are able to tap on their prior knowledge and experiences to form new knowledge as well as to deepen their understanding of the mathematical concepts and skills. 

These fun-filled activities also allow the students to be creative and innovative in their thinking.

Mathematics3.jpg Students taking turns to present their perspective and reasoning to their peers. Peer-critic and questioning is a common sight.

Reasoning Cartoon
Reasoning Cartoon is incorporated into our Mathematics Curriculum across all levels, to provide a platforms for our students to develop critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, communication, application and metacognitive skills through problem-solving activities.

The different scenarios presented in each of the reasoning cartoon allow the students to challenge their own thinking and think out of the box when voicing out their perspectives to their peers