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From the Students' Desk

Head Prefect 2021-2022.pngDear Radin Mas family,

While it was unfortunate that Covid-19 has continued to dominate our school life in 2021, many good things also took place during this difficult period. Most significantly, it was our 95th School Anniversary! Our school is home to new murals that were commissioned and painted by Mr Lee Kow Feng to illustrate our long history and the essence of our heritage.

Another defining moment was the achievement of our Future Problem Solving Program team. Their project on Screen Addiction Prevention made into the final round! I am truly proud of my peers whom I worked with in FPSP, and I hope we can continue to strive for the best in the final round.

My favourite moment this year as Head Prefect was the Teachers’ Day celebration. My Executive Committee led Primary 5 Prefects to organize a fun and meaningful celebration. Vice Head Prefect, Meredith Choo, and I learnt important values during the process such as being responsible and working together as a team. It was really a pleasure to express our gratitude to our teachers.

From listening to the voices of RMPS Students, I know that students have missed physical activities. One particular activity that we were looking forward to were the level camp and learning journeys. We were disappointed when these had to be cancelled but fortunately, the school organized a virtual camp and learning journey, and we could still learnt many things and enjoyed it.

I really do hope that we will see the light at the end of the tunnel in 2022, when the pandemic will be better controlled. Eventually, more physical activities and events will resume in RMPS. We need to play our part to make it happen such as keeping ourselves healthy, wearing masks properly, and washing our hands frequently.

Last but not least, I would like to emphasis one of the points in my Head Prefect election campaign. Let us live out the value of respect and greet not just our teachers but also other school staff such the security guards, cleaners, canteen vendors. They are part of big RMPS Family so it will be great that our graciousness and respect are extended to them as well.

Let’s Work Hard, Play Hard, and Make A Mark to make our school a better place.

Gwendolyn Armelle Guntur, Head Prefect (2021/2022)