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Our Department Photo


Our Department 
Head of DepartmentMr Goh Sheow En
 Level Head Lee Wen Shi Dawn 
Level Head (Covering)Miss Wong SE Lydia
 Senior TeacherMdm Rosmawati Ali 
 MembersMiss Chan May Ling
 Mdm Lee Pik Khuen 
 Mr Nair Vinod
 Mdm Lim May Ying 
 Mrs Elizabeth Elaine Lim  
  Ms Miranti Abdullah 
 Mdm Michelle Tan
 Mdm Nasheera
 Mrs Mano (Kannusamy Rajeswary) 
 Mrs Somasundaram Cynthia 
 Mdm Sharon Tai SY
  Mdm Nurshahisdah
  Mdm Norjannah Bte Ali

Our Vision

Passionate learners and effective users of the English Language 

Our Mission

 To  empower students to be gracious, effective communicators

Our Key Programmes

English1.jpg Application of Thinking and Communication Skills

Interdisciplinary Efforts

In collaboration with the PE, CCA and Aesthetics Department, students apply their learning from level camps to produce e-books featuring a variety of genres. 

The process of learning involves the use of ICT and discussions for knowledge building. Upon completion, students present their e-books to communities within and beyond the school.

English2.jpg Public Speaking

Public Speaking

To develop confidence in speaking, students are coached in public speaking skills and are given various platforms to present at class and school levels, as well as to the public.

English3.jpg Learning Support Programme

Believing that every child can learn well at his or her own pace, the Learning Support Programme provides selected students with enhanced support in basic literacy skills. Multimodality is used to increase student engagement.