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Character & Citizenship Education

Our Department Photo

(From left to right)

Row 1: Marini Bohari, Neo Ee Shiang Eleanor, Marianna Mohamad Hanafi, Chan Jianhua, Sandy Tan Pei Shi, Pauline Wong

Row 2: Malar Vizhi Govindan, Sarah Bee Jakfar, Pang Mui Lee, Chua Siu Git, Ng Miu Leng, Roszanah Kamarudin, Cindy Ong Huay Theng, Eirena Khan

Absent with apologies: Doreen Chng Yen Peng, Noorizan Ibrahim

Our Vision

Every student, a responsible and reflective leader.

Our Mission

● To inculcate values and build competencies in our students to develop them to be good individuals and useful citizens 
● To nurture students who are responsible to family and community

Our 3 Key Programmes

CCE 1.jpg
Engaging the help of the Singapore Police Force to bring out the key messages for Total Defence Day

NE Commemorations

A big part of CCE lies in the building of skills related to components in the domain of civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills, so that students are able to function effectively as concerned citizens who stay rooted to Singapore. As such, we plan interactive programmes for the four NE Commemorations, with our P3 - 6 student NE/VIA Ambassadors taking helm of the activities and assembly programmes. We hope that by the end of their 6-year journey with RMPS, students would have had rich experiences in helping them understand the key messages behind each commemoration.

CCE 2.jpg
Monitors Training by Student Leaders from St Theresa’s Convent 

Student Leadership

In RMPS, we believe that every student is able to lead, given the right guidance and environment.

At the foundational level, every student is guided through self-management skills during the Character Workshops, which are carried out at the start of every term. These sessions serves to instil core values and build competencies to help students to lead self and peers.

Students holding certain leadership roles (e.g. Prefects, Monitors, ICT Monitors) are also provided with additional Just-In-Time or On-The-Job training to help them understand their role and carry out their responsibilities as a student leader.

CCE 3.jpg
Our student being interviewed on his role as a Heartland Ambassador

Values Programme