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From the Vice-Principal's (A) Desk


“Define Yourself”

When I was posted to Radin Mas Primary School (RMPS) after years of working in the private sector, I was pleasantly surprised by the vibrancy of my new workplace.  It is heart-warming to be surrounded by cheerful faces, curious minds and peals of laughter.

I am particularly touched by the sincere and spontaneous responses of the students in RMPS.  During the first Teachers’ Day celebration that I experienced, I was puzzled when a student gave me a gift.  As if the child read my mind, she smiled and said, “Mr Kwok, I know that you are not a teacher.”

At once, I knew she appreciated me, just as she did her teachers.  Realising the impact that I had on the students, I seized the opportunity to share memorable moments during assembly.  I shared how my passion in reading Chinese martial arts story books helped me master the art of writing Chinese compositions.  I saw students’ faces lighting up!

I really enjoy engaging with the students and the school community and believe that we all have a part to play in enriching the young and curious minds of our students.  I am inspired by them to ensure excellence in administrative processes so that our students will continue to receive the best from RMPS!

Mr Kwok Keng Lian
Vice-Principal (A)