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From the Principal's Desk


“First, Think, Second, Dream, Third, Believe and finally Dare”

 Walt Disney

Welcome to Radin Mas Primary School

2018 was indeed an exciting and meaningful year for both staff and students of Radin Mas. In 2018, we foregrounded the importance of building effective values and dispositions for each and every one of our students. Among the key values that we wanted to shape in our students this year is the importance of developing a sense of respect for self and others. Among others, we have introduced cleaning routines, whereby the last 5 minutes of the day is spent cleaning their respective classrooms. We do hope that many of our students will continue to be responsible both within the school and also the bigger environment out there.

Other dispositions that we have shaped in all our students is in instilling a sense of curiosity or wonderment, a willingness to read, a desire to learn and find out more regarding the bigger world out there. We have introduced three new programmes to support this endeavour; firstly in erecting a current affairs board, which highlighted to the students and staff the key events in Singapore and the world. I am very heartened to see many of our students and staff stopping by and buzzing about the featured articles. We have also introduced the Radin Mas Times, a newspaper designed by students for students and finally we have also introduced a 4th language component to our Primary 6 students, whereby, the students are allowed to choose between French, Korean or Japanese to nurture and harness a sense of global awareness and appreciation.

Moving forward in 2019, Radin Mas will continue to provide platforms and opportunities for our students to work hard, play hard and make a mark. We will be introducing Modular CCAs to the Primary 3s to further identify and harness talents and passions. The Primary 6 cohort can look forward to a cohort trip at the end of the year to serve as a fitting finale to their years in Radin Mas. In the classrooms, we are continuing to push boundaries with regard to teaching and learning to enhance our students’ creativity, to encourage self-directed learners and to imbue a joy of learning. In conclusion, the Uniquely Radin Mas Curriculum which awaits all our students will not only equip our students with the competencies for the future but will also colour and enrich their formative years in school.

As we usher in Singapore’s Bicentennial celebrations in 2019, let us all appreciate and treasure the sacrifices put in by our forefathers in shaping Singapore today and but most importantly to think, dream, believe and dare as one strong Radin Mas Family that we too can make our mark for school, society and nation!

Wishing all of us a blessed and fruitful 2019 ahead!

Your Partner in Education,

Mr Muhammad Farizal