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From the Principal's Desk


“Let positivity be our guide and light always”.

Dear Parents, Students and Colleagues

Welcome to Radin Mas Primary School website.

Let me start by wishing all a wonderful 2022 ahead. May the year ahead be paved with opportunities for growth, development and self-discovery.

2021 was another challenging year for us as a nation and also in Radin Mas Primary School. It is a year characterized by multiple inconveniences and disruptions as we navigated the demands of Covid-19. However in Radin Mas, I am heartened, as we were able to see a silver lining in our struggles as we took advantage of these challenges to shape grit, resilience and relay optimism. We have done well as a school in 2021, and this is not only seen in our PSLE results but also in our ability to still push growth and development in all our students. In short, we were still able to work hard, play hard and make a mark. For that, I am immensely proud of the efforts of our staff and students and also thankful to the roles played by our parents and guardians in partnering the school as we pivoted, adjusted and modified our programmes and approaches to still push forth a quality holistic education for all our students.

2022 will also usher in uncertainties, but I am confident that the school is again ready to put up a strong united front to manage all these uncertainties and still provide ample platforms and opportunities for our students to grow. We will continue to identify, shape and develop talents in multiple domains and anchor in all our students strong character grounding and grit. We remain committed to support and stretch individual learners and to provide a positive learning environment for all our students to flourish.

Thus, let us continue to work together in 2022 and to seize on the challenges brought about by COVID-19 to shape resilience, positivity and growth. Let me urge all our students to look at 2022 with positivity and optimism and to always be guided by this belief “let positivity be our guide and light always”.

Your Partner in Education,

Mr Muhammad Farizal