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From the Principal's Desk


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do,
you will never cease to grow”

 Anthony J. D’Angelo

Welcome to Radin Mas Primary School

Please do join me in thanking Mrs Wong Siew Shan for her leadership of the school for the past seven years. Under her tutelage, Radin Mas has grown in strength and has successfully developed each child holistically, equipping him and her with the competencies of the future. 

I am delighted and humbled to be appointed by the Ministry of Education as the new Principal of Radin Mas Primary from 15 December 2017 onwards. My team and I will endeavour to continue the good work of the previous leadership teams in developing sound academic foundation, unlocking potential, identifying talent, inculcating positive values, dispositions and habits to shape our students to be useful contributing citizens with a strong Singapore Spirit.

As we celebrated our 90th year in 2016 and moving towards the 100th year, Radin Mas has always been in the forefront of innovative teaching and learning from embracing the use of ICT in the classrooms, introducing Computational Thinking as our Applied Learning Programme and also in the designing of the school’s Multi-Disciplinary Project Work (MDPW). In 2017, Radin Mas continued to push boundaries by introducing Design Thinking and Makers movement to our students. The school’s physical environment with resources such as our Eco-Pond, Inner Courtyard, NE Promenade, RMPS Gallery and Interactive Walls further encourages our students to be self-directed learners by exposing them to the wonders of discovery through the use of platforms such as Augmented Reality. These programmes and facilities were designed to bring forth the joy of learning and entrepreneurial dare through authentic learning by imbuing a spirit of exploration, dare, creativity and advocacy.

Complementing this, will be our school’s strong focus on values inculcation. Guided by our RADIN MAS values, our students are taught to have respect for others, to always be gracious, to never give up, to maximize potential, to aim for excellence and to stand up for integrity. The school’s signature programme, Camps for All, provides an apt platform for both the inculcation and enactment of these values. Beyond the Camps for All programme, students will also have platforms such as CCAs, VIA, Outdoor Education, Make a Mark and A Story A Day Programme to further embody and internalise these values. I truly believe that that success of a school cannot be purely measured by its academic results alone but more so in its ability to shape students who will be assets to the society in the future.

As we moved to the next leadership phase in Radin Mas, we will like to thank all our internal and external stakeholders in shaping the school to its present state. We are confident that with the continued support and cooperation from our stakeholders, Radin Mas will continue to be able to carve her name as “A School Where All Work Hard, Play Hard and Make a Mark”.

Your Partner in Education,

Mr Muhammad Farizal