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From the Principal's Desk


“First, Think, Second, Dream, Third, Believe and finally Dare”

 Walt Disney

Welcome to Radin Mas Primary School (RMPS) website

2019 was indeed an exciting and meaningful year for RMPS. We are proud to announce that we have attained our Learning for Life Programme status for our G.R.I.T@ RMPS programme. G,here stands for Growth Mindset, R stands for resilience, I stands for Integrity and T stands for Teamwork. G.R.I.T@ RMPS here aims to prepare our students for life as we shape and imbibe them with the necessary skills, values and dispositions to prepare them to cope better with the VUCA world out there. Through activities such as CCAs, Mini Olympics and Sports and Games Day, and level camps, from P1 to P6, we aim to instil in them a sense of independence and resilience that will allow them to bounce back from obstacles and ride challenges better

The school also introduced an Aesthetics week to further colour the arts scene and landscape in RMPS. Through a collation of interesting and exciting activities ranging from an exposure to musical instruments, a meet and greet of fairy tale characters, introduction to classical music and our inaugural Radin Mas Got Talent, this week allowed us to stroke greater passion and interests in the Arts and to identify talents and to provide these talents with the platform to inspire their peers.

In 2019, our teachers have also introduced the use of Student Learning Spaces (or SLS) in our classrooms. SLS is a curated learning tool that engenders a sense of ownership in our students. With SLS, students are no longer passive recipients to learning but are now seen as active participants of their own learning. SLS encourages learners to be self-directed, and allows them to personalise their learning according to their needs and interests.

In 2020, the school will continue to guide all our students to Make a Mark. We will continue to bring forth quality teaching and learning with technology and through the design of authentic and engaging lessons. We will continue to shape and mould our students into gracious, positive and kind students with a lifelong spirit for learning. We will continue to support our students to discover their talents, passion and interests in multiple domains and areas. We will also continue to foster strong partnership with parents and other stakeholders, as we work hand in hand, in shaping our students to be assets to society.

In conclusion, we will ensure that all students in RMPS continue to Work Hard and Play Hard. I am confident that 2020 will be another exciting and meaningful year full of growth, meaning and opportunities for all.

Wishing all of us a blessed and fruitful 2020 ahead!

Your Partner in Education, 

Mr Muhammad Farizal