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Discipline Philosophy & School Rules

Discipline Philosophy

Radin Mas Primary School believes in the importance of inculcating strong values and a sense of personal responsibility. The school is committed to guiding all our students through a journey of self-discipline, graciousness, and kindness to imbue a culture of respect for self, peers, and all school staff and personnel. These values and dispositions serve as the school’s pillars as we Work Hard, Play Hard and Make A Mark.

Our School Rules

As a student of Radin Mas Primary School, I pledge to always do the right thing, at the right time, and uphold the school rules. I pledge to be a good ambassador of the school.

Our School Expectations 
  • I will be neatly and properly attired for school. 
  • I will be punctual. 
  • I will behave in an orderly manner at all times.
  • I will be responsible for my own decisions and actions. 
  • I will treat others with respect.    

  • I will handle school property with care.  
  • I will keep the school building and its environment clean. 

Our School Expectations 
  • Students must be neat and and properly attired in their school uniform at all times.
  • Students must wear white shoes and white socks. The length of the socks should cover the ankles.
  • Students are allowed to be in their PE attire only on days when they have PE lesson and CCA/PAL lessons.
  • For the placement of school crest and nametag on the school uniform, please refer to page 9 of the Student Handbook.
Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modifications to the uniform are not allowed.

  • For Girls
Hair accessories must be either black or dark blue.
      - Hair that reaches the uniform’s collar must be tied up neatly. 
      - Only identical stud earrings are allowed.

  • For Boys
Hair must be kept short and neat at the back and sides.
Students must be neat in appearance, clean-shaven and no facial hair is allowed.

  • For the safety of the students, no jewellery of any sort is allowed.
     - This includes bracelets, necklaces, rings and other form of jewellery as well as fanciful and                              expensive watches. 
Use of Smart Devices
Students are discouraged from bringing smart devices such as mobile phones to school, except for Bring Your Own Device lessons.
  • Students are to be responsible for their smart devices. The school will not be held responsible for any damaged or missing devices. 
  • Students are to keep their devices turned off during curriculum hours, unless specific instruction is given by teachers. 
  • Students are only allowed to use their devices to make personal phone calls after school, and only at the canteen or the foyer. 
  • At any other times, students must seek permission from their teachers to use their devices. 
Students who do not abide by the expectations above will be served a cautionary warning. Repeat offenders will have their devices confiscated and the devices will only be returned to the parent or guardian. 
The school may confiscate a student's mobile device in the line of investigation. The device will be held securely by the HOD or SH Student Management, or appointed key personnel.
In the instance where criminal laws may have been breached, the device may be turned over to the relevant authorities for investigation.

Attendance and Punctuality
Attendance in school is compulsory. Absence from school must be covered by a medical certificate or a letter from parent/guardian that should be submitted to the form teacher within three working days.

Students who do not submit their medical certificate or letter from their parent/guardian will be considered as being “absent from school without valid reason”.

Students are expected to attend all lessons, CCA training, school events and functions as required. They should report punctually for all activities and lessons. They should not be absent without a valid reason.
Students are expected to assemble by 7.40 am every day for flag-raising.  The school will contact parents of latecomers to seek their support to ensure that their child reports to school punctually.

Parents may also be required to meet the school staff to discuss their child’s late-coming issue if the tardiness persists and work with the school on ways to help their child come to school on time. Parents/guardians will be asked to meet the form teacher, level discipline teacher, level coordinators, HOD Discipline or School Leaders depending on the severity of the situation.

Disciplinary Action Against Inappropriate Behaviour
The school provides opportunities to reward students for appropriate behaviour and for improvement in academic and non-academic work. The use of rewards in school is based on the principle of positive reinforcement; behaviour that is rewarded is strengthened and is therefore likely repeated. However, the school does not condone acts of misdeeds committed by students. The school will mete out consequences accordingly.
All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which can be used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

Desired Behaviour of Radin Mas Students

Desired Behaviour in the Classroom
Students are to:
  • stand and greet the Principal, Vice Principals, teachers or guests of the school, upon their arrival to, and exit from the classrooms. 
  • use good manners, be gracious and respectful towards their peers and teachers. 
  • bring with them all books, stationery and other learning materials required for lessons. Students should refrain from bringing out items in class that may be a distraction to learning.
  • be attentive and participative during lessons. 
  • remain in class unless given permission by teacher to leave the classroom.  
  • be on time for all lessons. 
  • submit work on the date it is due. Exceptions are made only in extraordinary situations and with the approval of the teacher. 
  • remain seated in class and be engaged in their own work during change of lessons. Students should not loiter outside the classroom. 
  • keep the classroom clean and tidy at all times. 

Desired Behaviour along the Corridors and Staircases
Students are to:
  • greet all staff and guests of school. 
  • assemble in twos before the teacher leads the class from  place to place. 
  • keep to the left while walking along the corridors/staircases. 
  • be considerate and walk quietly and orderly from place to place. 
  • use designated routes to avoid congestion and enable the diffusion of the level of noise during movement.

Desired Behaviour in the Hall / Assembly Grounds
Students are to: 

  • assemble punctually at the Parade Square for Flag Raising at 7.40 am every day. 
  • treat the National Anthem, Pledge and School Song with due respect by standing at attention throughout the ceremony.
Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
  • take with them a book whenever they are in the hall/assembly ground so that they may be purposefully occupied while they wait for the programme to commence. 
  • keep the school compound clean of litter after use. 
  • practice good theatrical code of behaviour and remain attentive throughout the programme in the hall or assembly ground. 
  • be considerate, and not eat or drink.

Desired Behaviour in the Canteen
Students are to: 
  • queue up for food. Vendors are advised not to sell items to students who are not in the line. 
  • be gracious and respectful towards the canteen vendors and school attendants. 
  • be considerate and keep the canteen clean by returning their utensils after use and to clear their table of litter. 
  • walk in a sensible way in the canteen; running or pushing may cause accidents. 
  • leave the canteen on the first bell after recess to be in the hall. 
  • consume all food and drinks only in the canteen. 
  • proceed immediately to the hall at the first bell that marks the end of recess.

Desired Behaviour outside School
Students are to: 
  • wear their uniform with pride and be attired according to the specification by the school. 
  • be gracious and respectful to members of the public. 
  • be considerate and polite towards other commuters on public transport. 
  • be responsible and keep the area used clean and clear of litter. 
  • be orderly when on board public transport. 
  • go straight home after school and not loiter in groups.