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Learning for Life Programme : Growth Mindset. Resilience. Independence. Teamwork or G.R.I.T@ RMPS

As part of the RMPS experience, all Primary 1-6 students will participate in cohort camps specially designed for every level. Through participating in these camps, students will be able to develop ruggedness and resilience through outdoor experiences, forge camaraderie and instil values of teamwork and individual responsibility, and enhance their sense of adventure and curiosity with the outdoors. We hope that our students will adopt a positive attitude towards adventure and challenging activities and lead a healthy lifestyle for life.

Camp for Life 1.jpg
P1 ‘Ready for School’ Camp

Our P1 students preparing their own healthy sandwich as part of learning healthy eating habits during the first week of school. The main intentions of the day camp are to orientate our new students to understand more about the school environment, get acquainted with the school values and foster positive relationships with their new classmates and teachers.

P4 outdoor escapade camp.jpg
P4 Outdoor Escapade Camp 

A group of P4 students learning basic knots and lashings to build a catapult at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. This overnight camp aims to equip our students with the skills and know-how of surviving the outdoors and to also challenge their fears and reservations. Apart from learning basic knots and lashing, they get to apply other basic camping skills taught in P3 such as pitching a tent, packing and navigating their way around. There is also a greater emphasis on managing and taking care of themselves and their peers as well as working cooperatively together to solve problems. 

P6 urban and cultural camp.jpg
P6 Urban & Cultural Camp

A group of P6 students happily engaged in a traditional kampong game at Kampung Parit Penghulu in Malacca. During this 3-day 2-night urban and cultural overseas camp organised after PSLE, our students get to put their cross-cultural thinking and understanding to the test as they immerse themselves in another culture and place. They get to reflect on how those experiences have coloured their perception of themselves, their families and also their country.