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Hockey Photo Gallery
Hockey has been offered as a CCA in Radin Mas Primary School since 2006. Since then, this CCA has come a long way in garnering recognition within the primary school hockey fraternity, and winning top 4 placings in various years.

In Hockey, we place great importance not only in building our students’ skills in the sport, but also their confidence and determination to succeed. We encourage our students to be disciplined both on and off the pitch, as we believe the values they learn will be transferred to their studies as well.

Besides trainings at school, school team players will train at Delta Sports Complex as well. This allows our players to gain the pitch experience that is required. Strategic training is also put in place to allow our players to pit against strong sparring partners. The school collaborates with other schools, including Crescent Girls’ School, during the additional school team training sessions.




Our Teacher(s) in charge:

  • Mrs Joyce Won (Mdm Joyce Goh)
  • Mdm Annie Tang LM
  • Mdm Nasheera
  • Mdm Cindy Ong (Mrs Cheng)

Our CCA schedule:

  • Every Monday, 2.15 pm - 4.15pm 
  • Selected Wednesdays 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm for selected players