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PE, CCA & Aesthetics

Our Department Photo
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(From left to right)

Row 1: Mr Idham Ashiblie, Ms Chua Lean Woon, Mdm Wong Yu Ling, Mdm Goh Shu Hui, Ms Khairunnisa and Mr Muhammad Izree.

Row 2: Mr Chong Wen Qian, Mdm Lena Lee, Mrs Doreen Foo and Mr Raphael Yeong. 

Absent with apologies: Mrs Joyce Won.

Our Department
Head of DepartmentMr Idham Anis Ashiblie
Subject Head (HE/CCA) (Covering)Mr Muhammad Izree
 Subject Head (Aesthetics) (Covering) Mdm Wong Yu Ling
 Members Mr Yeong Cheng Yue
  Mr Chong Wen Qian
  Mdm Lee LW Lena
  Mdm Joyce Goh YL
  Mr Teo Wai Chin
  Mr Heah Yong Chian
  Miss Chua Lean Woon
  Ms Goh Shu Hui

Our Vision

Every student to make a mark in the areas of Sports, Outdoor Education and the Arts.

Our Mission

● To equip every student with the knowledge, skills and attitude to lead a healthy lifestyle and develop an appreciation for the arts.

Our 3 Key Programmes

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P4 Art Museum-based Learning 

The Museum-based Learning (MBL) experience was designed to provide the breadth and depth of learning local art as part of all primary 4 students’ core learning experience in the art curriculum.

The museum, being a custodian of culture & heritage, presents an authentic context for the learning of local art as part of students’ understanding of Singapore’s heritage. The whole learning experience comprised a pre-visit lesson in class, the actual learning journey to the Singapore Art Museum followed by a post-visit lesson in school where students got to express and showcase their art experience.

The visit to the museum also presented our students with the opportunity to learn about what an art museum is, the history of its architecture, the museum etiquette and the roles of the various personnel taking care of the museum. Students also got to demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills to build positive relationships with their classmates and teachers.

PE, CCA and Aesthetics 2.jpg P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp 

The highly anticipated P5 Adventure Camp at Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre was a huge success. 

The highlights of the camp were the high tower challenge circuit, rock wall climbing, abseiling and a hike to the nearby quarries. Other activities organised for the students included the low elements, longkang fishing, night walk and mini campfire.

Through the challenging outdoor experiences during camp, our students forged camaraderie, learnt to be more independent and developed ruggedness and resilience. 

They also developed leadership skills such as effective communication, responsible decision-making and working cohesively as a team. Our P5 students truly enjoyed the outdoor camp experience. 

PE, CCA and Aesthetics 3.jpg Sports & Games Day 

Blessed with good weather, our annual Sports & Games Day went ahead as planned. The aim of the Sports & Games Day was to provide opportunities for class bonding as all P3-6 students participated in inter-class competitions across the levels. 

As many as 13 athletic events with a focus on speed, agility, endurance and power were organised for our students. Although some students left the festival without a medal, they understood that winning was not everything and clearly showcased the Olympic spirit of putting in their best effort and demonstrating sportsmanship behaviour. 

The Sports & Games Day also promoted the importance of regular exercise and participation in sports to keep fit as part of adopting a healthy lifestyle. It was an eventful and enriching experience for our students.