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Science Happenings in 2017!

Fun With Learning Day

On 7th March this year, we organized our very first Fun With Learning Day at RMPS with the aim of injecting an element of joy and fun in learning. Students had the opportunity to engage in integrated and hands-on inquiry-based learning in teams. They were given a problem scenario and questions which required them to apply some Math and Science knowledge. Written reflections and sharing on what they have learnt through the activity was done in the English and Mother Tongue components. Through this activity, students were also tasked to collect and make use of recycled material to promote recycling. 

The Primary 3 students were tasked to build a bridge that can withstand the strongest weight, using satay sticks and straws. 


The Primary 4 students constructed marble sorting machines using plastic cups and other recycled material. 


Primary 5 students had an egg-drop competition. 


Primary 6 students designed simple Rube Goldberg contraptions using different  materials.