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An inquirer with a passion for Science.

Department Structure

1. Mrs Goh Hean Mei HOD Science
2. Mrs Goh-Soh Xinyi LH Science
3. Miss Ong Siew Choo ST
4. Mdm Han Qiuyan Cindy Teacher
5. Mr Nair Vinod Teacher
6. Mdm Choy M Juliana Teacher
7. Mr Muhammad Izree Bin Jalil Teacher
8. Miss Tan Hui En Joyce Teacher
9. Ms Thai Yu Shan
10.  Mr Kenny Chong Tseng Chye AED

Programmes & Environment Care at Radin Mas

In addition to the Science academic curriculum, Radin Mas has various enrichment programmes to equip pupils with process skills, develop an inquiring mind and make learning of Science exciting, fun, meaningful and relevant. 

RMPS also wants to instill a strong sense of responsibility towards environmental conservation in our pupils, developing them to be responsible global citizens. Our green policy is "We are committed to care for the environment by going green and strive to improve our environmental performance over time and initiate activities that will further reduce our impacts on the environment."

Thus the school provides opportunities to staff and students to apply knowledge, skills and values of care, protect and improve the environment through awareness and actions.

 Here are some programmes the students were involved in. 

Science Department Programmes
  • Watch Me Grow (Primary 1 and 2)
  • Fun With Learning Day
  • Observe Earth Hour in school
  • Earth Week Poster Exhibition
  • School Recycling Programme 
  • Environment Champions (EC) workshop
  • Lantern making competition (using recycled materials)
  • Multi- Disciplinary Project Work (MDPW) on environmental topics
  • Food Waste Drive by Green Champions     
  • Integrated Learning Journeys
  • Science Centre Enrichment 
  • Innovation Protocol 
  • Science Alive!     



  • Physical Science Laboratory
  • Life Science Laboratory
  • The Green Haven
  • The Water Place
  • Biodiversity Lane