Table Tennis


Table Tennis is a sport that relies on quick reflexes, agility and strength. Our members are put through an intensive training programme to help them develop these key areas, at the same time to provide the opportunity for them to build their character and mental focus.

Every year, our members participate in the South Zone Inter Primary Schools and National Individual Table Tennis Championships, as well as the Crocodile Challenge Cup organised by Singapore Table Tennis Association. Through these valuable experiences, our members will be able to gain a better understanding of the sport, plus develop their resilience and mental toughness as they face the challenges and pressure of these competitions.

To prepare for the competitions, selected members will be invited to attend school-team training sessions, in addition to the usual CCA training sessions. Members who have shown outstanding skills and discipline consistently will also be nominated to attend the Singapore Junior Sports Academy to nurture and help them achieve their potential in the sport.

CCA Teachers

Mdm Lee Lai Wan Lena (I/C) 

Mdm Chan Yee Mei Ivy 

Mdm Lim Miao Ting Theresa 

Mdm Tan Pei Shi Sandy