The Radin Mas Dragon Cub Scout Unit has been graced with the title of the champion school for the Queenstown District Cub Scouts’ Day competition since 2008. Apart from teaching them the skills to surpass their limitations, we have also inculcated the value of sportsmanship in their training.

In recent years, the focus in scouting has slowly steered towards their involvement in community service. We have always supported school events like the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration and Mini Olympics. By having the scouts to volunteer themselves to help others, we hope that they are able to practice altruism in their everyday life.

We have also nurtured scouts to obtain the coveted Akela Award, which symbolises the summit of our cub scouts’ journey. The award is presented to scouts who have accumulated 4 years of invaluable scouting experience and have excelled as scout leaders.

CCA Teachers

Mr Chan Jianhua (I/C) 

Mdm Choy Mingzi Juliana 

Mr Chua Minghan 

Miss Yeung Diana