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Maths & Science Club

The objective of Maths & Science Club is to ride on the interests of our members in the subject of Mathematics and Science. With that in mind, we explore beyond the common syllabus in greater extent of the subject elements through extensive hands-on experiments and creative problem-solving.

In our club, members complete the different activities in the Young Scientist Cards according to the levels they are in. Upon completion, members are awarded badges and certificates by the Singapore Science Centre.

P3 – I am a Young Zoologist 

P4 – I am a Young Energy Saver

P5 – I am a Young Environmentalist 

P6 – I am a Young Mathematician

Our members are exposed to a wide variety of issues ranging from global warming, recycling, data logging of plant species to higher levels of Mathematics problem-solving techniques. These allow our members to improve in their academic understanding of the subjects.

It is going to be another exciting year as our members look forward to taking their understanding and interest in Mathematics and Science to the next level.

CCA Teachers

Miss Ong Siew Choo (I/C) 

Mdm Han Qiuyan Cindy 

Mdm Seow Guat Leng 

Mrs Tan Eng Leong