The librarians of Radin Mas Primary School are privileged to be given the opportunity to be involved in different skills training to enhance their effectiveness as school librarians.

Besides going through the Spydus system and customer service training, the librarians are also taught the skills of creating book jackets and bookmarks based on the books that they have read.

The library also aims to enhance the experience of its librarians by integrating storytelling and a host of speech and drama activities. These will help the librarians to develop their confidence in public speaking and the ability to think and analyse situations quickly.

CCA Teachers

Mr Ang Chern Kiat (I/C) 

Mdm K Malarvizhi 

Mdm Kannusamy Rajeswary 

Miss Nur'Ain Bte Saiman

 Mdm Rosmawati Bte Ali 

Miss Stella Zhang Wenxin