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Chinese Orchestra


Chinese Orchestra is one of the niche CCAs in Radin Mas Primary School. It was first set up in 1985 with the aim of nurturing musicians. We seek to provide various platforms within and outside school such as Chinese New Year Celebration and Mid-Autumn Festival for our members to gain performing experiences and hone their musicianship in the process.

Since 1990, we have been participating in the biannual Singapore Youth Festival and we are honoured that RMPS Chinese Orchestra has always been highly regarded in this fraternity.

CCA Teachers

Mr Yew Chee Ching Anthony (I/C) 

Mdm Annie Tang Li Meng 

Miss Che Lei Mdm Chen Qi 

Mdm Hou Lin 

Mdm Ng Li Za 

Mdm Poh Chiew Hui 

Mdm Tan Hai Leng 

Mdm Wong Yim Ling