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PE, CCA & Aesthetics


Every pupil to make a mark in the realm of Sports, Outdoor Education and the Arts.

Department Structure

No. Teacher Appointment
1 Mr Aaron Koh Sheng Min Head of Department PE, CCA & Aesthetics
2 Mr Muhammad Izree Jalil
Subject Head HE & CCA (Covering)

3 Mr Yeong Cheng Yue Raphael Teacher
4 Mdm Lee Lai Wan Lena Teacher
5 Mr Chong Wen Qian Teacher
6 Mr Chua Minghan Teacher
7 Mdm Lee Pik Khuen Teacher
8 Miss Judith Ogawa Teacher
9 Miss Chua Lean Woon Teacher
10 Miss Wong Yu Ling Teacher
11 Mrs Cheong Jee Chin Contract Adjunct Teacher
12 Mr Ong Kai Sin Allied Educator (AED)
13 Mr Muhammad Ridhwan Bin Noor Hasman School Programme Executive (SPE)

Key Programme & Events

No. Programme / Event Term
1 Outdoor Education @ RMPS 1 - 4
2 Programme for Active Learning (PAL)   1 - 4
3 Play @ Recess 1 - 4
4 SwimSafer Programme 1 - 2
5 NAPFA Test (P4 & P6) 2 - 3
6 RMPS Jog-A-Walk And Family Day  2
7 School Health Visit 2
8 CCA Leaders' Day 2
9 Olympic Festival 3
10 Mini Olympics 3
11 CCA Fair 3
12 Sports Education Programme (SEP) 4
13 ACES Day 4
14 Digital Art (P1 to P4) 1 - 4
15 E-music (P1 to P4) 1 - 4
16 Classical Music Instrumental Play (P4 to P6) 1 - 4
17 P5 Ceramics 2 - 4
18 Open Mic Lunch Concert 1 - 4



CCA Policies and Guidelines

“Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are an integral part of the holistic, well-rounded education that we seek to provide for our pupils. In particular, CCAs help nurture in pupils qualities associated with I&E – specifically, a certain ruggedness characterised by qualities like resilience, tenacity, confidence and perseverance, which will better prepare them to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.” (MOE, 2004)

Here at Radin Mas Primary School, we believe that CCA is an important component in delivering a holistic education to our pupils. Therefore, we offer a broad range of CCA, which include Physical Sports, Uniformed Groups, Visual & Performing Arts, and Clubs and Societies to cater to the diverse interest of our pupils.

CCA for All

  • Every pupil from P3 to P6 is required to participate in a CCA as part of their holistic education in the school.


CCA Attendance

  • CCA is held on Friday, during curriculum hours. Therefore, all P3 to P6 pupils are required to attend CCA training/ practices.
  • Pupils must inform their respective CCA teachers if they are feeling unwell or are excused from CCA.
  • Pupils are strongly encouraged to attend additional CCA training/ practices after curriculum hours to prepare for competitions, performances or exhibitions (if any).


CCA Transfer Request

  • In order to inculcate the values of resilience and responsibility, pupils are strongly advised against changing CCA, unless accompany by valid reason(s).
  • However, the school recognises the need to provide opportunities for pupils to explore and develop their interest in CCA. Therefore, only P4 and P5 pupils are allowed to change CCA ONCE in their entire primary school education in Radin Mas Primary School.
  • Pupils who wish to change CCA are to seek verbal approval from their parents/ guardians and current CCA teacher-in-charge.
  • Once verbal approval is given, pupils are advised to complete and submit the 'CCA Transfer Request Form', which can be obtained from the General Office, to the Subject Head of CCA.
  • CCA transfer request will only be accepted during Term 1 of the current school year, so as to avoid disruption to the preparation of CCA competitions, performances or exhibitions.
  • Please note that the allocation of CCA will be based on the vacancy of the preferred CCA. If the enrolment is full, the transfer request will be rejected.


CCA Recognition

Pupils are recognised for their achievements and contributions in their CCA through:

  • MOE EAGLES Award
  • RMPS Excellence in CCA Award
  • Official record in the School Cockpit System